2016 Kia Optima HybridReview and Price Review


The new improver to kinsfolk seems to be a soul car owing to the artful braving that it has. Yet, the execution of Kia Optima is outstanding as compared to otherwise cars procurable in the industry these days. Kia Optima has the capableness to action advantageously on the anchorage and can also furnish many incentives owing to the dainty chassis and enhanced drivetrain. The car comes with several techs same a touchscreen to analyse the gadgets and an choice to regain the installation of Apple CarPlay along with Golem Auto.



The car has whatsoever eyeglasses couturier mentioning these let tech as compartment as the limiting in the swing series and engine for the functionality. The car has a plug-in Being up to 99MPGe conjunct. In component to this, it is full with the autonomous pinch braking method. Kia Optima has a top qualify of 153 mph while it can touch from 0-60 in upright 6.8 seconds.


The car comes in several options for the drivetrain. There are four drivetrains available so far these are an 185 Hp, 2.4 liters and 245 Hp 2.0 Liter engine. These two variants come with asix-speed automatic transmission. While a 178 Hp 1.6 liter engine is available with seven-speed automatic transmission and a plug-in hybrid option.


Kia Optima is bit costly when compared with the cars from the same flagship yet it is a car most suitable for town and countryside driving. The car will be released with the introductory price of 22,990 dollars while for loading it with various options you have to pay additional bucks.



The car has several improvements from its ancestor released in 2014. Now in Kia Optima Electric power and gasoline can work seamlessly together. The feature has enhanced the fuel consumption resulting in better mileage. Though the actual figures aren’t confirmed but Kia Optima is assumed to be the most economical car in Sedan Family.