2016 Lexus NX Reviews


Lexus has planted its roots since its parousia in the reign of high-performance cars. The car’s quality resembles with a sports car due to its angle eyelike lamps and chiseled body. Yet it is a ponderous duty SUV that can fulfil in every fermentable premise whether its off-road or on the track. Too this the car has a stiff suspension and the acute handling is solace wanting in this variant. 2016 Lexus NX has quite engrossing features and glasses including the engine volume, top move, and looks.



Lexus NX is fully live with gadgets and everything that you will requisite in an SUV. The vehicle has a withstand traction, LCD to representation varied readings, and good of interval for the driver and passengers. In improver to this SUV performs excavation in damage of off moving traverse. The furnish saving is quite photogenic i.e. 30 mpg which is due to a tradeoff among the cognition and action. In constituent to this, it can labour a locomote of 116 mph and can discover 0-60 in mere 8.8 seconds..


As mentioned earlier it is SUV so the main emphasis is on the off road and tough performance. The car has a 2.0 liters turbo engine with the option of four speed or six-speed automatic transmission. Lexus NX is a front wheel drive vehicle. While in some regions all-wheel drive is optional.


This SUV is quite efficient in terms of fuel consumption. It’s normal drives can provide you about 28mpg while on highways and countryside on can attain 33 mpg.


The SUV presents a big boy look. Cross grille with the logo in the center is quite enchanting. Adding to its beauty is the alloy rims and wide tires.



Lexus NX is left-hand drive vehicle fully loaded with gauges and various gadgets to measure the car response.