2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Reviews



Mitsubishi has launched a object with inexpensive domestic and region yet it is exquisite in attribute has a few enchanting features. The car is side transport aim vehicle and various school specs. It comes with internally het room and you can also human whatever more feature suchlike a rainfall sensing wipers that modify presently they senses drizzling.A rearview camera is installed in every imitate and helps a lot time swing.


The new Lancer has a redesigned facia and swanky LED lights all crossways the assumption. The new ES helper also comes with a umteen discipline facilities same Bluetooth, semiautomatic climate manipulate options and fog lights that serve a lot in colder regions patch swing at dark and old forenoon. It has anauto dimming rearview mirror and automatic headlights. Talking near the improvements, it includes a sportier reprieve, 18-inchwheels, and spoiler.



The car is loaded with a 148 Hp 4 valve engine that provides enough power for a car to be driven in cities. It comes with five-speed manualtransmissions while CVT is optional. There is another option for the engine. A 168 Hp engine with all-wheel drive is also available that suits for those who want a powerful car.


The new car is wallet friendly just like every other vehicle from the Flagship. It can outshine everycar of its class in terms of specs and performance. Besides this, the car astonishes when theprice for the car is announced. A fully loaded car will all the gadgets and improvements costs about 18,430 dollars.


New Lancer is not as economical as its predecessor. The new 20-liter engine provides you an economy of 23 mpg in cities while it rises to 31 mpg on thehighway. With all-wheel drive model, there will be a rise in theeconomy.