2016 Nissan Titan XD Gasoline V-8 Review

This year Nissan is releasing a full pack pickup, with the release of Titan XD Nissan is once again back in the game with a much tougher look and capability to outshine other vehicles of its class. Blessed with a 5.6-liter V-8 engine and a 401 pounds per feet torque along with seven-speed automatic transmission and an option for rear- or four-wheel drive. Nissan’s new release Titan XD is placed among full-sized pickups. It comes with all the facilities of a heavy duty vehicle, providing excellent road grip and control like no other car of the same class besides having a frame of size more than any other beast.



The 2016 Titan XD is relatively formulaic, with a embody made up completely of brace. The XD, Nissan instrument be competing with that container which lies in pickup obscurity. A class constructed for those buyers for whom a heavy-duty rig is solon than a pushcart and a simpler light-duty motortruck doesn’t endeavour enough. Nissan is aiming to deceive this Satellite up to 150,000 buyers per assemblage who status a flux of ignitor and soggy tariff container to match their informal requirements. A towing power of 12,000 pounds, livelong object weighing near 8500 pounds. New Satellite can be called as a light-duty-plus pickup.


This car is involuntary by a V-8 engine having the power of 390 Hp, and producing the force of 401 lb-ft. 7-speed robotlike transmitting. The engine volume is 5.6 liters for this blend of car and pick-up.


The Nissan Titan XD comes with a massive V-8 engine having 5.6-liters capacity. The XD has an option for a rear and for wheel drive with an engine producing a power of 390 Horsepower and a torque of 401 pounds per feet.


Since the vehicle is to be used for heavy duty purposes and is built completely of steel the mileage is quite low. Though the engine is designed with a few modification providing quality performance and tougher tasks it can complete with 17.7 miles.


 The Titan XD will be released as a four-door crew cab having a 151.6-inch wheelbase, and an ample of the 6.5-foot cargo bed, a perk with the option to shift among either two or four wheel drive.



Various variants of Titan XD are released this year. The vehicle costs about $ 40,255 the prices of other releases are:

  • S Crew Cab 4×2 $36,485
  • S Crew Cab 4×4 $39,485
  • SV Crew Cab 4×2 $40,255
  • SV Crew Cab 4×4 $43,205
  • Pro-4X Crew Cab 4×4 $47,165
  • SL Crew Cab 4×2 $48,225
  • SL Crew Cab 4×4 $51,225
  • Platinum Reserve Crew Cab 4×2 $53,665
  • Platinum Reserve Crew Cab 4×4 $56,715


The Titan XD has various cool features to attract a buyer’s attention. The vehicle has an ample of wheel base 17-20 inch either two or four wheel drive or a 7-speed automatic transmission.


It has supportive and comfortable seats that are the well-laid-out cabin. They make Titan practical and comfortable for off-road, highway and job site.


Nissan Titan has various body styles Single with 5.5, King Cab with 6.5, and Crew Cab body having 8-foot beds.