2016 Renault Megane New addition to BMW Review


Renault is mentation to begin its all-new Megane during an upcoming auto demonstration. The object give bed quite spherical features, supercharged with a coercive yet render timesaving technologist or a gas engine with a four-door embody forge. Manufacturers are hoping that Aggregation instrument be their bestselling activity. The new Megane is the 4th multiplication of the bloodline, it has quite a dramatic account. The no. helper was premeditated in a accommodation by Apostle Le Quement, was launched in a tardive 20th century. The reserves’s engineers are also planning to redesign its car to a send van version as recovered as a two-door coupe to increase marketplace lour degree than any of its ascendent.



The Megane will be released with three diesel and three petrol engines. These engines will produce the horsepower of 90, 110 and 130 respectively while for petrol engine it is 99, 128 and 202 respectively. The most demanded engine is assumed of 110Hp. The perk of this engine is it produce mere 86g of CO2 per kilogram thus making it a tax-free vehicle.


Various variants will be releasing this year depending upon the chassis size, fuel intake and drive train. The prices of the newly introduced car will be starting from $16,000 for a base level model. While it will be as high as $25,500 for a fully furnished, sports navigation version.


The car is blessed with a lesser horsepower yet an efficient engine that makes it quite economical. Megane is a tax-free vehicle means you are not supposed to pay the additional fee while driving on the road. The accurate measurements are not available yet it will produce about 30mpg.


The Renault has adoptive quite a identifiable styling from added flagship holders, the frontmost grille has a carbon logo that adds to its example. The body is quite nutlike and wider time in several variants one can also discover a low bumper organisation and any hot plate information around the windows. Its erect is full cut by the LED taillights. And an enchanting trademark of Renault in the middle.



Inside of this car is full automatic, it contains an 8.7 advance LCD akin to iPad for display. Dashboard has a perfect lining and quite enlarge handwear compartment also helps to have the things in locate.