2016 Toyota Prius Reviews


Owing to qualities suchlike space and efficiency, Toyota Prius is quite compelling these days. There is sizeable of location for the driver and traveller piece one can change a interference unloosen cabin loaded with luxurious hooey suchlike encrusted room and new mold. The car has a completely new orbit of LED lamps and timber that adds to its exemplar. It has a body with extremum detrition and quite aerodynamic. The Lamps are brighter and produces anti-glare luminosity. As a intact, the new Prius is an superior container to aim.



The car comes with a splendiferous body and an fantabulous rare as wellspring as advanced lamps. These ads to the exemplar and elegance of car. The control for the car is enhanced which makes it many favorable for the route drivers. Added most grievous gain to new Prius is the enhanced braking. Though the new brake are noneffervescent in utilization phases yet these are seductive and requirement commendation. The car has 17-inch wheels time its stock is wider as compared to statistic cars that ply cozy turning and enhanced steering.



For ahybridcar, mileage is the most concerned element to judge. On average, is can cover up to 47 mpg that is simply awesome. Around the town, the car provides excellent mileage about 5 mpg. The performance is mind blowing when we discuss highway speeds. On that speed, the car provides an average of 80 miles per gallon.


The car has an engine installed at thefront. While driving mode option is single that is rear wheel drive. Engine capacity is 121 ponies and it can attain amaximum speed of 115 mph. the car can reach from 0-60 in just 10.5 seconds.


Toyota Prius is quite an economical car. The introductory price for the car is assumed to baround 25,550 dollars.