3 Tips to Book Wedding Car Hire

Booking the wedding car hire is just as complicated and everything else with wedding planning. There is a reason why Wedding management is popular these days. You need to put some extra though into this. Don’t worry, we are helping you out with the following tips. Make sure you read them all.


Wedding Theme

You need to mind your wedding theme while looking for Wedding Car Hire.  if you are having a sophisticated event, then don’t pick a muscle or banger.  You should know that a vintage pick will do well for a vintage theme while a beautifully decorated tandem goes well with an eco-themed wedding.  So, if you were going for a sophisticated wedding, try executive sedans or limo. You can also book an ultra-luxury car.  Just consider your options.


Another important element, the color of your car also plays an important role. This is why most people go with White. It can go with any theme or color. The best thing about white is it’s traditional. But if you are looking for something more than basic, then consider your dress and wedding theme for instance, if you were going for a sophisticated theme, then pick charcoal or gray. These will nail the whole thing. The color reflects more than you think, to don’t underestimate this.


This is an overlooked fact but you have to consider your dresses while picking the car. Apart from your comfort for getting out and in the car with your dress own, it’s the color and style of your dress. Does it pari with the car or not? Ask for help from the company and they might have some suggestions for you. These suggestions can literally save the whole theme. But before you make any decision, consider whether you want to contrast or the colors matched. Consider your wedding’s theme