Broken Speedometer

When driving, we focus on the road ahead of us, our surroundings, and much more. This includes how fast you are driving, not only to avoid a speeding ticket but also to stay safe on the road. If it wasn’t for the speedometer, we wouldn’t know if we were driving too fast or too slow. If you are ever pulled over for going to fast, a faulty speedometer reading excuse may not get you out of it as it is your responsibility to make sure it is working properly.

broken speedometer
The speedometer is a part of your gauge cluster that is located right in front of the driver’s seat. There are several other things located on this cluster including the odometer, fuel gauge, and even temperature.

The speedometer may need to be calibrated if you have recently changed the tire size on the vehicle or have gotten a salvage title. If you notice that your speedometer is acting up or you have a broken speedometer you may need to get the speedometer rebuild. The speedometer may get stuck, flutter, give out incorrect readings, brake, get stuck, flutter, have intermittently working gauges, incorrectly reading gauge, or have broken gauges. Going to a dealership with a broken speedometer may end up costing you hundreds of dollars out of pocket. Instead you can go to a BBB accredited company like Safety Restore.

Safety Restore is a post accident restoration company that specializes in the vehicles Supplemental Restraint System, including speedometers. They do several services like custom seat belt webbing, air module reset, cluster repair, and seat belt repair. They can repair speedometers for a fraction of the price that the dealerships charge. For only $118.99, they can repair and ship back your cluster within 24 hours of receiving it! Safety Restore offers a lifetime warranty on all their work and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The company employs only skilled engineers and all repairs are completed using 100% OEM parts and industry standard tools. Safety Restore always meets FMVSS standards. Visit to get started.