Buying New, Semi-New or Used Ford Vehicle – Which Option?

Buying a Ford vehicle is certainly in the plans of many who want more convenience and luxury in their daily lives. In fact, having a car can greatly facilitate our mobility and offers us more freedom and autonomy especially in big cities.

But, just like any other liability, buying a car should be well planned and done only after much research. After all, as easy as life may be, buying a new, semi-new or used car may be the cause of a family debt, if not consciously purchased.

Buying New, Semi-New or Used Ford Vehicle - Which Option?

And, given so many options on the market, it is normal to be in doubt between new, semi-new or used cars. If you think about getting a Ford vehicle, consider consulting with a professional Ford auto dealership!

What is the difference between new, semi-new and used car?

For the avoidance of doubt, it is important to understand the definition of new car, semi-new and used car. Let’s go to them before we talk about choosing to buy.

New car

The new car, also called the zero kilometer car, is that brand new car that just came out of the factory. As it was not rotated, its original features are intact.

For all these reasons, prices are always higher compared to semi-new and used.

New car

A car with up to 3 years of use, traveled between 15 and 20 thousand kilometers per year is considered a semi-new. Drivers who buy this category of vehicles usually do not usually stay with the same model for a long time, changing periodically.

Used car

Used cars are those that have more than 3 years of use and may have had more than one owner. There is no talk here of classic cars, which are over 30 years old on the road.

Because many old cars sell for very low values, the buyer should be careful not to buy something with many problems!