Choosing a Car Battery

The car battery is located under the hood of your car. The main function of car battery is to provide electricity which is needed for door locks, car lights, sliding up and down the car windows and many other car accessories. Your car would be dead if your battery dies.


Make it a point to discard your car battery properly:

  1. Search for the recycling stations
  2. Many automotive supply stores pay cash and also offer discounts in exchange to old car batteries.

Some of the important factors which should be kept in mind before choosing a car battery are:-

  1. Size


The size of the car battery refers to its height, width as well as length. The size of the car battery tray varies, that’s why they come in different group sizes. It is really very important that your car battery fits in safely and securely. If you are confused about your car’s battery group size, then you can always refer to your car manual as it would be really very helpful. You can also check out the reference guides which you can get from the battery retailers. Then you will be able to find out the size of your battery very easily.

  1. Brand


The trademark which is given to a particular product is known as brand. Sometimes the brand name is same as that of the manufacturer’s name. The brand of your car battery would be specified in the owner’s manual and with its help; you can easily buy one which is specified. But if you feel that it is too expensive, then you can always look for the specification requirement which can be found on the owner’s manual.

Many of the people feel tempted to buy the cheapest brand of the battery, but don’t get trapped as it can turn out to be the most expensive battery you have ever bought. The cheap batteries are loaded with a lot of defects which can lead to their poor performance.  If you have purchased a cheap car battery, then you might think that you have saved a lot of money. But if you will keep on changing the battery frequently and its repeated installations would suck up a lot of money which you initially saved while purchasing a cheap battery.

  1. Reserve Capacity


Reserve Capacity or the RC means the battery’s standing power. It is the minimum amount of minutes the battery can continuously supply minimum voltage which is needed to run a car. If your car battery has excellent reserve battery rating, then your car can even run on the battery alone even if the alternator stops working. The reserve capacity rating of a battery is listed in minutes. The RC rating is not usually printed on the label, so you may not find it in the battery. You can always take help from the store assistant; ask him to find out the true RC rating of a particular battery.

The longer the operating time of the RC, the better it would be for you as it would save you from getting stranded. If you are unexpectedly trapped in some sort of trouble, then you can run safely instead of getting struck.

  1. Age

You will get a rough idea that how long your car battery would perform by knowing the age of the car battery. If your car battery is less than 6 months old, then it is considered to be fresh. Find out its manufacturing date. You can easily find out the date codes on the battery case or the label.

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