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Is your car jerking? Is your car engine not getting enough gas or not at all? Replace car fuel pumps and know what could cause your fuel pump to perform badly.

Car Engine is something that is quite complex and at the same time very expensive to repair, if you are unlucky enough to encounter engine issues. Engine is like heart to a car, if proper flow of oil or gas is not ensured within the engine compartments, things could go bad with the entire performance of the car. So, every single engine part needs to be checked upon regularly.

One such part is fuel pump. If you don’t know enough about engine fuel pump then don’t worry because in this article we would be discussing about fuel pumps, problems related to fuel pumps and its replacement in detail. So, read on to know more!

Fuel Pump

What is a fuel pump? Why is it so important for the perform functionality of engine?

Fuel pump, as its name suggests, pumps the fuel from the car gas tank to the engine. Modern vehicle’s engine performance relies on fuel pumps and any malfunctioning of fuel pump could ultimately result in stalling of car if ignored.

Where will you locate fuel pumps? You can also take help of your car manual. Usually the fuel pump is located in or on the fuel tank so finding it is not so complicated task. Fuel pump’s job is not only to maintain the flow of fuel within the engine but also it has to be constant pressurized supply of fuel.

But the question arises that why a proper pressure of fuel flow is needed? This is because the properly pressurized quantity of fuel flow enables the engine to perform exceptionally under different driving conditions and this also affects its fuel economy at the same time.

So as we have already noticed so far that the fuel pump’s function is to supply proper pressurized amount of fuel throughout the engine, so any malfunctioning could lead to car issues and expensive engine repairs.

So, to save your car from getting stalled unexpectedly, it’s better to know what the possible symptoms of malfunctioning car fuel pump are. It’s better to know if something is wrong with car fuel pump beforehand so you can make proper amendments on time and save extra dollars on repair.

How to know about Bad Fuel Pump?

So far we have known enough about car fuel pumps and functionality. Now let’s give importance to the symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump. Check out these following points and make proper amendments or visit a good mechanic for replacement and repair of auto parts required.

Is Loss of power experienced by engine? Are you experiencing jerking when your car accelerates? Loss of power either while accelerating or when the engine is under too much load is common when the fuel pump is not working properly or need replacement. You will experience that when you accelerate the engine may start to shut down unexpectedly because of extra load. This problem is ignited because of bad fuel pump, fuel lines or fuel pressure regulator. Fixing these auto parts may restore the performance.

Another problem arises when the car is moving forward or backward. Vehicle may start to lose power in such case. This may happen due to weakening elements of pump so make sure you visit a professional before you are stranded midway.

Fuel pump when not working or needing replacement, may lead to car not starting at all. This happens because the malfunctioning fuel pump is no longer able to provide enough pressurized fuel to the engine anymore and the engine will start to crank when it is started. Though there are various other problems associated with complete stalling of a car, so proper check up and inspection is very important for any solution.

Have you ever experienced that the speed of your car suddenly increased even when you haven’t pressed the gas pedal and have been driving at normal speed? Or engine misfiring? Malfunctioning of fuel pump directly impacts the engine’s performance. Bad fuel pump will alter the air fuel ratio and a lot of engine related issues can be experienced.

Noises are like first indicators of car problems. Same goes in here. A normal operating fuel pump will produce quite humming sound which indicates that everything is working fine. But any problem with fuel pump may produce whining sound. So make sure to visit a professional when you encounter such thing because whining noise is one of the primary signals of malfunctioning fuel pump of your car.

Another sound that could be heard is sputtering sound at high speeds. Surging may come when fuel pump cannot get enough electricity to maintain the proper pressure for constant speeds hence resulting in such situations.  Ignoring these sounds may lead to total damage of engine.

Replacing Engine Fuel Pump

Fuel pump often lasts with the life of the vehicle. Though there is no reason to replace the fuel pumps unless there is some failure experienced by the car engine but it doesn’t mean that we won’t even look into it. This is because any malfunctioning with fuel pump may lead to serious engine problems which can be expensive.

If the pump is showing signs that it may fail any time soon, then don’t wait for the vehicle to age, get it replaced. Because delay in maintaiance may lead to total damage to the car or at worst it wont start at all.

So, it is very pivotal to understand the importance of fuel pump because you can prevent the unexpected failure experienced by your car in future due to malfunctioning fuel pump.

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