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Though Overtaking is not a safe driving practise but what if you have to give pass to the vehicle or ask for pass from vehicle ahead of you? Here are some tips for safe overtaking and replace Mazda parts under affordable cost at PartsAvatar car parts online.

The seemingly simple manoeuvre of overtaking other vehicles accounts for a high rate of fatalities on busy highways. When poorly executed, the simple process of passing can quickly turn a few seconds on the wrong side of the road into your worst nightmare.

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Here are some points to take care of while overtaking or side passing. It’s not only your safety that is important but living in a civil world, we are responsible for other vehicle’s safety on road as well. Our one small mistake could be a nightmare for many so don’t forget to read on these tips carefully!!

Pedestrian crossing

Overtaking is illegal at pedestrian crossing. In many European countries you could end up paying £1000 or more as per their traffic laws.

You cant overtake another vehicle when your car has stopped at pedestrian crossing or a scholar patrol.

Queue Jumpers

So many people lack this etiquette of waiting in a queue for their turn to come and instead they try everything they can to get to the lane where there are few cars. Will it make any sense? Will we get to our destination faster, or to be precise- safer? Queue jumping does not assure you that!

Always be aware of those who try to surpass more than 10 cars in a go because they are extremely dangerous and would lead to any fatal encounter with their slightest mistake.

If you are going to pass a slowly moving vehicle in front of you, make sure that you are well aware of the traffic behind you. This is because who wont want to get out of the annoying traffic and they would try to tail you to get out of traffic.

Watch out for the drivers who attempt to make their way forcefully up the line, jumping past one vehicle at a time especially when you are tailing behind a slowly moving vehicle. You could end up getting hit because of their mistake at your rear side. So watch out!

At Entry/Exit points

People are always in a hassle so they will try to get out as soon as possible. Places like garages, car parking’s of malls, banks, stadiums need to be carefully tackled because the chances of overtaking are pretty high in there.

I remember an incident when after watching a concert, there was a huge traffic outside waiting for us and a mad driver while overtaking hit at least 10 cars in that process making several high or low damages to those cars. The bottom-line is all you have to do is to be patient.

In such cramped places, your intellectual driving knowledge and cool are the keys to successful exit.

Another grave mistake that we do while overtaking is we often misinterpret the turning signals given by drivers in front of us. Remember, at that moment, everyone is in a state of panic and they will only let you pass if there is a safer are ahead of them. So don’t make hasty decisions.

Avoid these

You must not do overtaking in the places which we are going to mention in this segment. It is extremely dangerous and you might be breaking so many laws. Moreover, you wont be eligible to get insurance money so make sure to avoid these places.

It is hell scary to do overtaking in crowdie places or city streets. This is because the area is already congested and full of pedestrians and you wont be able to properly figure out the signal the other driving is giving you. Moreover, your small distraction could lead to any accident or you could end up hurting a pedestrian.

Similarly, avoid overtaking at pedestrian crossing, intersection or railway crossings. Avoid the exits for overtaking. Avoid overtaking in blind areas such as crossroads, junctions, sharp curves or bends in the route except where you have enough space ahead of the vehicle to get.

Avoid gravel roads because they have no markings to assist the driver to remind him where it is dangerous to pass and with dust from the front vehicles it makes the visibility even worse.

Avoid overtaking when you are driving in fog, rain or mist etc. Here in such situation you have to maintain a distance of at least 4seconds with other car so taking risk of overtaking is totally prohibited. Moreover with low level of vision, you can’t ensure yourself that the road ahead of the vehicle in front of you is safer for you get there.

At stop signs is it not appropriate to overtake a vehicle which is stopping at level crossing as it might lead to fatal accident. At crossings, there might be the time of the train to pass and you just cant take that risk of passing through. A lot of accidents have happened in recent years when a fast moving vehicle hit the signal pole even when there wasn’t a single vehicle waiting for the pole to open up.

Always maintain a speed. While in traffic, never manoeuvre in fast speed.

While overtaking

While overtaking make sure to have a good look at your car’s rear view mirror and side mirror. Position yourself far enough back from the car in front so that you have a good field of view.

Adjust the gears and drop it down to two before ensuring that there is nothing behind you and you can now pull your car safely out of the traffic.

Once you are sure that you have enough space to adjust in front of the vehicle you want to overtake, don’t waste time and accelerate.

Make sure that you remain in the same gear which you have adjusted before and after getting ahead, position yourself in accordance with the lane and traffic.

When you are being overtaken never increase your speed. Keep left and allow reasonable space for the overtaking vehicle to pass and move back into the lane.

So, are these steps that difficult to follow? All you have to do is to maintain slow speed and never lose your cool if the other driver is being stubborn. This is because in this childish game of revenge, everyone on the road along with you is going to suffer because of your silly mistake.