Head to Toe Gear – Without Empty Pockets

Riders don’t need to empty their wallets in order to gear up. Your riding style and the weather conditions are important factors when shopping for gear and motorcycle clothing on a budget.


Helmets and Goggles

Try to get the most protection for an affordable price. Look for sales on high-quality protective gear designed for off-road, sport or street riding. Choose a full-face helmet for maximum protection or a modular design for the best of both worlds. Three-quarter or half helmets may cost less, but these designs also provide less coverage.

Jackets and Suits

You may want to buy separate jackets and pants or riding suits on sale. If you live in a temperate climate, you can get a lot of wear out of an all-weather jacket or top-grain leather. Riders in colder climates with rain or snow should consider waterproof performance jackets.

Protective Gear

Armor kits range in price and effectiveness. Consider risky points of impact and purchase the appropriate protective gear. If you have sustained injuries in the past, direct your budget toward preventing further injury.

Riding Pants

The right style of pants can provide increased comfort and protection on your bike. Performance materials can double as a suit for sport riding. You can also wear riding jeans as casual attire if your bike is part of your everyday routine.


Riding shoes can be versatile footwear. You may want to wear comfortable anti-slip designs on and off of your bike. If you ride off-road or in inclement weather, consider investing in a good pair of boots.

Gear up on a budget by buying items that can be worn for multiple purposes throughout most of the year. It’s best to splurge on protective equipment, particularly a well-designed helmet. Keep an eye out for sales on gear and parts such as a Mikuni carburetor that will meet your riding needs.