How PCM Remapping can Improve Your Vehicle’s Results?

Let’s know more details about PCM reprogramming or about the results that we get in your vehicle.

PCM controls hundreds of factors in your vehicle such as amount of fuel injected, ignition timing, valve control valve positioning, turbine working pressure and torque limiters, main engine operating parameters that are calibrated by the vehicle manufacturer based on extensive development.

PCM Remapping

How does PCM Rescheduling work?

In the PCM reprogramming all these parameters are modified in order to increase the delivery of torque and power in certain situations and also to adapt the motor operation to the installed mechanical upgrades.

The service we call PCM rescheduling is also known as: chip-tuning, PCM recalibration, PCM remapping and power chip remapping. All names refer to the same process of changing engine operating parameters that are saved on the vehicle control modules for more performance.

The development of a new calibration of the PCM software is a lengthy and delicate process, as all modifications need to be carried out carefully and exhaustively tested to ensure that the performance increase will be linear and that there will be no risk of any failure of mechanical component.

Each Mercedes PCM reprogramming company has its own development and delivers different results as the parameters of engine operation are changed according to the philosophy of each company. It is up to the final consumer to analyze the gains promised by each company and to decide on the PCM reprogramming that best suits its profile.

It has the equipment and know-how to reprogram or calibrate in real time most of the PCMs available in the market. Look for a Mercedes PCM repair and reprogramming service to simulate the conditions of operation of your vehicle on the street and one that can exceed the expectations of consumers in all situations of use.