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There are a number of energy robbing devices in your car, and they must go to sleep when the car is parked. But unfortunately not all of them go to sleep. Just imagine that your car is not able to start. The car battery is fully dead and the illumination made by the dome light is extremely less to help you out find the key slot. Note this thing that the turning of the key would not generate anything more than a muted click under the hood.

You might be thinking that a dead car battery is not a big deal. Am I right? But what if your car parked in the parking lot of an airport, your phone is dead and it is raining badly at night. Then it would be a very long as well as wet walk towards to pay phone to call for a help.


Here are the Top things that will drain your battery

It can be really hard to find out what are the causes for a car battery to drain. Some of the causes due to which you can face battery charging problems are dead battery, your battery is old, or sometimes because of a bad alternator.

You are extremely late for the work and you quickly rush towards your car, then you find out that your car won’t start. The car headlights are not working properly and are dim; the car engine is also not turning over. Then you will come to know that your car battery is dead. Have you ever thought that why it would happen? Here are the main causes due to which car battery fails:

  1. Human Error

Most of the people have done this mistake at least once in their lifetime. They come back home tired from their work and then leave their car headlights ON or they might have not completely closed the car trunk. Then due to this, the car battery would drain overnight and your car won’t start in the morning. Most of the cars these days would alert you if your car lights are on.

  1. Parasitic Drain


Generally the parasitic drain happens due to some components which keep on running in your vehicle even when you have turned off the key. Some of the parasitic drains are totally normal in which your battery would deliver enough energy to keep the things, this is same like your radio, clock even the security alarm. But if there is some sort of electrical problem, then the parasitic drain would exceed the normal and hence the battery would deplete.

  1. Bad Charging

It is really important that your charging system should work properly or else your car battery can drain out even if you are driving. A lot of cars try to power their lights, radio and various other systems with the help of an alternator which would make your battery drain even worse if there is some sort of charging problem. In that case you would be stranded at a roadside with a car which would require a boost.

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