The Do’s And Don’ts Of City Riding

If you ride a motorcycle as part of your daily commute, then you know how treacherous the mean streets of the city can be. Unlike the suburbs or the countryside, you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings at all times. Since there are so many potential hazards in the city, one wrong move could send you to the hospital. As such, we’ve compiled a list of tips for city riding, from checking your tires to using the right aftermarket street bike parts.

Do Pay Extra Attention

One of your biggest challenges on busy streets is the fact that cars can take you out in a second. So, to avoid such a confrontation, look at their side view mirrors. Also, pay attention to where they are looking. Most drivers aren’t watching for motorcycles, so you have to be extra vigilant.

Don’t Assume That They See You

This is particularly true if there is an off-ramp on the freeway. If you are between a car and the exit, you could wind up getting smashed. Although it can be annoying to ride this way, it’s better to play it safe then to get into a collision. Overall, just pretend that your bike is somehow invisible to all drivers and react accordingly.

Do Keep on the Brakes

If something does happen, every second counts. That means that you can’t be slow to respond, lest you take a massive hit. For this reason, you should always be ready to hit the brakes. Keeping a finger or two on the trigger could make all the difference.

Don’t Blend In

Although you should still act as if no one sees you (unless you get visual confirmation), one way to help mitigate your situation is to dress as brightly as possible. Also, riding with daytime lights can make it easier for cars to notice you coming from behind.

Do Have an Exit Strategy

If you’re on the freeway, traveling at high speeds, you can’t afford to be behind a vehicle that stops suddenly. As such, stick to one side so that if it does happen, you can veer off, rather than slamming into the back of a car.

Overall, city driving is when you need to be at your best. It is not the time to be on autopilot.