The Quick Guide to Hire a Toronto Limo

Hiring a Toronto Limo isn’t something you do on a regular basis, unless you are a big shot! You sure need a flashy ride for special occasions and you don’t want to be disappointed. To help you make sure you don’t, we are giving you the following quick guide:

Be Specific

Before you start your hunt, you need to write down what you expect. Make a short list of all the information you need to respond to your queries. This includes the following:

  • The Occasion- is it a wedding, business event, prom or etc
  • How Many Passengers will be with you?
  • How Many Pick up Stops There will be?
  • The Distance Your Trip Will Cover
  • For How Long will You Need the Limo?
  • Date and Time of the Pick-up


Compare Prices

Limousine Rental is a competitive business. Therefore, you better shop around and get more than just one quote. Things that complete a proper quote are stated as following:

  • The minimum rental period- most companies counts a minimum of 4-6 hours
  • When they will start counting the time, Will they charge from the pickup or from the time the Toronto Limo leaves company premises?
  • Overtime charges- How much will I be charged If I needed the limo a bit longer than I said?
  • Hidden Charges- These usually include cleaning the car, snacks and tipping the driver. Ask the company clearly about these
  • Deposit or Bond- Do you need to lodge good money to the company as insurance?

Cheaper is not Always Better

When you are choosing between Toronto Limo companies, you need to know that cheaper is not always better. Service is more important for your experience and don’t mind paying a bit extra for it. You can check if the company has links to a professional association for your surety.